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트렌디네온 배경

Practice Area

Corporate law

  • Establishment of a corporation
  • Contract between shareholders/Investment contract/stock option
  • Corporate compliance monitoring (compliance)
  • corporate litigation
  • Rehabilitation/Bankruptcy

Intellectual property rights

  • Trademark, design, patent registration
  • Copyright registration
  • Prohibition of infringement of intellectual property rights and compensation for damages
  • ​Prohibition of unfair competition and trade secret infringement and damages lawsuit
  • ​Advice on intellectual property trade secret protection


  • Advice on personal information protection law
  • Personal information authentication consulting
  • Personal information leak response
  • Advice on location information/credit information laws and regulations
  • Advisory on European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Regulatory improvement and legislation

  • Regulatory sandbox application advisory and agency
  • Legislative consulting/policy service
  • ​Advisory on authoritative interpretation

Foreign direct investment

  • Foreign direct investment reporting/foreign exchange transaction reporting agency
  • Establishment of foreign investment corporation/registration as foreign investment company
  • Foreign company branch/liaison office establishment agency 

Investment M&A

  • Establishing and registrering SPC
  • Advised on private equity fund (PEF) and venture capital (VC) business
  • ​Investment attraction and investment execution
  • ​Establishment of joint venture
  • Mergers and acquisitions advisory


  • Write Terms of Use
  • Create a personal information processing policy
  • Advising on mail order business and mail order brokerage business
  • Advisory on obligations and violations under the Information and Communications Network Act and Copyright Act.
  • ​Create location information protection policy

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • Corporate civil and criminal litigation
  • Management rights dispute litigation
  • class action lawsuit
  • Trade secrets, intellectual property rights disputes
  • ​Administrative litigation

Consulting for government and public institutions

  • Legal advice to ministries such as the Ministry of Science and ICT
  • ​Legal advice, including authoritative interpretation of public institutions
  • Legal advice on local government authority interpretation, etc.

Visa issuance

  • D-8, D-7 visa issuance advisory and agency
  • E-7, C-4 visa issuance advisory and agency
  • Investment immigration F-2, Permanent resident F-5 visa issuance advisory and agency, etc.
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