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Foreign company

  • Incorporation of foreign-invested company in Korea

  • Advising on applying for the "Regulatory Sandbox" in Korea

  • Advising on corporate operation and governance in Korea 

  • ​​Agreements(investment, contract of service, exclusive agreement, licensing etc.)

주요 업무 분야/스타트업

IP Protection and Litigation

  • Application and Registration of IP in Korea

  • IPR Infringement​

  • Licensing 

  • Unfair competition and trade secret infringement

Defamation and Business Interruption

  • Defamation and Business Interruption on ​Criminal Law

  • Defamation and Business Interruption on Act On Promotion Of Information And Communications Network Utilization And Information Protection, Etc.

Legal Advisory Service for Government and Public Institutions

  • Interpretation of statutes 

  • legislation

  • Contracts to which the state is a party

  • ​Administrative litigation

Civil Case

  • Breach of contract, Torts, Real estates etc.

Criminal Case

  • ​Fraud, Felony/Embezzlement,  libel and slander, Traffic accident, Sexual assault etc.

Administrative Litigation

  • Advising on legal remedies through administrative trial or administrative litigation and conducting litigation

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